Lois Reisdorf

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Lois Reisdorf
Birthdate 1960
Birth info Born in Durban, South Africa
Posts Commodore's Messenger
Spouse(s) Gary Reisdorf

Lois Reisdorf grew up in Scientology and eventually became one of L. Ron Hubbard’s personal messengers.

Lois was born in Durban, South Africa in 1960 to Bryan and Bronwen Lingwood, Her father did not end up becoming a Scientologist, but her mother did, which eventually resulted in their divorce in the mid-1960’s. Lois’ mother eventually joined staff at the Johannesburg Org which resulted in Lois being surrounded by nothing but Scientologists. In about 1966 Neville Jory joined the Johannesburg Org after having just completed his SHSBC at Saint Hill. Lois’ mother fell in love with Neville and soon after they married.

In early 1970, the Jory’s decided to buy a Scientology franchise (Mission) in Durban. The family moved to Durban where Lois’ parents ran their VERY successful franchise. In 1972, Lois at the age of 12, her mom and Neville all signed the Sea Org contracts (the other kids were too young to sign). It took them almost a year to turn over the mission to someone and to get things in order to join the SO in Copenhagen, Denmark at AOSHEU. Lois arrived, at midnight, on the Apollo in late 1973. She was 13 years old, alone, with no family and no-one she knew. She was immediately put on the CMO EPF, which entailed cleaning the messenger’s cabins and washing and ironing their clothes (not in washing machines but in buckets). She rose through the ranks and became a Senior Messenger in 1975.

In late 1975, when the Sea Org settled in Florida, all crew NON-US citizens and those under 16 years of age were to go to Daytona. Lois was in 2 of those categories – underage and non-US – so she ended up in Daytona Beach. She was not physically with LRH when he left the ship and arrived in Daytona Beach, as she was already there. The Neptune motel on Daytona Beach was taken over by Apollo crew; LRH got an apartment close by.

During the spring of 1976 Lois held the post of Personnel in the CMO Org (HCO), in charge of recruitment & training of future messengers. When LRH moved to Culver City in Los Angeles (his location was called ASTRA) a few messengers were sent to be with him. Lois was called to Los Angeles from Clearwater and became part of BETA, a secret communication unit for LRH. BETA was eventually disbanded, as no longer needed, and Lois was then sent to work at ASTRA. The purchase of Scientology’s La Quinta properties (in the desert near Palm Springs) were progressing and ASTRA were all looking forward to their new home as it was quite stifling in the few apartments they had in Culver City. Lois was one of the people who were sent ahead to help set-up the properties.

Lois (Jory) Reisdorf's Scientology story[edit | edit source]

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