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Success Story
Auditor FreeZone Academy of Elma WA
Name Jonathan (Johan) Burke
Auditing Success Audited NOTS
Training Success Other

Audited NOTS Completion May 21, 2012

In having completed OT V, I have had a TREMENDOUS amount of "negative" case gain on this level. OT V is audited for a reason, that reason being that what is being addressed is BEYOND you to handle without a highly trained and experienced guide to get you through it. When I say beyond, I really want to convey that it is something you need help with to get through it. There are those who think they can handle anything in session as a solo auditor. This is false data. LRH knew this and developed the level to be done this way for a reason. Please do not make this mistake, as it is imperative. When you start the level, you are dealing with a whole new breed of cat as far as case manifestations are concerned. I really appreciated having a guide on this level. Some of the first few sessions were truly frightening due to what was being handled and it was great having Pat Krenik ( my NOTS auditor) there as an ambassador. The level really gives you the keys to yourself and WHO YOU are. I feel more myself and at cause than I have in many eons. I can perceive, be, be others, confront, and most of all create more fluidly and instantly than I had ever realized. The level really puts you in the drivers seat again with YOUR abilities, from YOUR viewpoint. My creative skills on all levels have gone through the roof. The backoff there has vanished. It used to be a wantingness, now it is a full on doingness, on an immediate basis, with no comm lag what-so-ever.

So many valences that were in the way have ceased to be and I feel my intention flow through now like a tsunami that is at my control, not just when it feels like it. A tsunami for the good of all my dynamics not just the flavor of the day. The precision I have is incalculable, compared to what it was. If you are an artist, you absolutely need to do this level and find out "who YOU really are". If that sounds familiar, you are in for an immense gift and great surprise!

I recovered abilities on this level that allowed me to repair the out ARC of a dying man with his daughters that had existed for over 35 years. From a distance of 600 miles I was able to raise his confront and ability with the NOTS tech applied to "him" remotely. He came out of his near comatose state, invigorated for a few more days, apologizing, loving freely, and taking responsibility for overts that had plagued him and his daughters for decades. Telling them how much he loved them and wanted them to be happy though he would not be there in body. Something his family said would never happen, but it did He dropped the body happily and much more free to start new games without the regret of yesterday, thanks to this technology.

I thank LRH, David Mayo, and my auditor - C/S, Pat Krenik beyond words for the return of myself and many of the abilities that had gone dormant. WOW!

Run up the bridge, don't saunter or walk, run! Your inherent abilities await. The TRUE YOU will begin to surface.



FreeZone Academy of Elma WA