Homer Wilson Smith

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Homer Wilson Smith
Homer Wilson Smith.jpeg
Deceased Yes
Died on December 23, 2022
info Covid 19
Nationality American

Bio[edit | edit source]

It is with great sadness that we announce the sudden death of Homer Wilson Smith, 71, of Ithaca. COVID-19 claimed his life on December 23, 2022. Homer was born April 21, 1951 in Manhattan, New York, the only child of Homer William Smith and Margaret Wilson Smith.

After the sudden death of his parents, Homer was orphaned at the age of 11, he spent the rest of his childhood in the home of Nell and Irving Sarnoff, his aunt and uncle. It was while attending The Hotchkiss School in Connecticut that Homer first encountered the technology that would spark his life-long passion for deep metaphysical connections and the pursuit of a cosmic reality. Computers and the programming language APL, an advanced array language developed by Dr. Kenneth E. Iversen, forever changed the course of his life.

To Homer’s scientific, mathematical, and musical talent was added a rare, creative gift for computer engineering that eventually brought him to Cornell University. MORE

Eugology[edit | edit source]

"We lost Homer Wilson Smith over the holiday season, and his surviving business partner Jane is bravely carrying on the Internet business (Lightlink) they had together for so many years.

Homer was a prominent figure in the alt.clearing.scientology days of the early Internet. Homer W. Smith was passionate about free speech and a real hero for the field at a time when persecution of ex-Scientologists was severe, and a support network was just emerging. California field Scientology was doing fairly well despite violent attacks, and with the David Mayo movement coming on line in 1984, but the rest of the nation was also at the mercy of sometimes quite hostile forces - both legal and covert. Homer was a brave warrior who stood against the pressures and provided materials despite the threats. Homer was a tech librarian and published and hosted a wide variety of technical materials. You will want to save and utilize both links, and download all you want for safekeeping while they are still up:



I knew and audited Homer (in 2013) and we had huge success together correcting high TA so that he could solo again. It was in-person on the e-meter, based on Standard Tech principles and original correction lists, it worked and cured the condition, and was a huge win for both of us. He generously provided me with a set of valuable materials that has been helping me in my projects to map the rest of the Bridge, ever since. Homer wanted a Bridge for people who could not recall things well, and my FreeScn-tech site is in part, a product of that effort to provide a simple, easy and effective set of processes that work even without a drug handling or good recalls or e-meter.

Homer was a brilliant and phenomenal philosopher and had sharp insights into areas of the tech. I highly recommend going through his materials and sampling at least some of it. He had a huge failed purpose on the Hubbard bridge and church auditors, and could hardly stand auditing from those trained in the church - perhaps unable to find himself a "Why" - so he did a whole lot of solo work. If you haven't ever looked into "The Proof" - it is an unbeatable and brilliant work of logic which proves consciousness is not mechanical and a machine cannot be conscious. It stands today as sort of a last defense from the materialist technocrats rushing to "Singularity." I am sad at Homer's passing and very much appreciate his heroic contributions to the field and to human knowledge.


Scott Gordon Auditor Class 0+