Fresh Solo NOTs Student Success

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Success Story
Auditor Randy Smith
Auditing Success OT 6
Training Success Solo Course

Fresh Success from one of our Solo NOTS students

"This is the best training experience I have ever had!!

After years in the church, struggling with arbitraries and uncaring supervisors, I finally have a highly trained Course Sup, CS, Auditor and Key to Life supervisor with me every step of the way on OT6.

Randy Smith knows his material in every detail extremely well.

He is highly intelligent with the best comm cycle and ARC. I look forward every day to my training with him because it is fun!

Randy makes sure that I have duplicated the material to be 100% certain that I will easily be able to do my Solo NOTS.

I feel so incredibly lucky to have been introduced to him and plan on continuing with him on other auditor training courses after this course, while I am soloing on NOTS – which I am about ready to start! I am excited!" – Anonymous