Class VIII Course 50 Year Anniversary

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Class VIII Course 50 Year Anniversary
Date 2018/09/24
Website VIII Course - 25th Anniversary
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"We're trying to get tech in on the planet. We're trying to audit out the 4th Dynamic engram and furnish an environment in which it can be done. And naturally, we have to make sure that it also gets audited."
"There has to be such a thing, somebody has to know there is such a thing, and he has to be able to demonstrate that that thing is beneficial and is something that should be preserved. Then he has to hold the fort long enough to get it in." - [1]
"There is something here in Standard Tech. It is the exact Auditor’s Code, the exact TRs, the exact processes, the 100% result." - [2]

50 Year Anniversary[edit | edit source]

On Sept 24, 1968 L Ron Hubbard gave the first lecture announcing the start of the Class VIII Course and the introduction of "Standard Tech".

"Thank you very much. Thank you. I wish to announce the opening of the Class VIII course.
Now, you’re the lucky ones, actually. And I’m very happy to see you well turned out. I’m sorry the stage isn’t high enough; a bit higher, so that I could see all of your faces. I like to look through an audience and see the misunderstoods.
This is a very...this is a very stellar day, actually, in Scientology. And all of these years have piled up and have made the thing called Standard Tech."
An Introduction to Standard Tech" Class VIII Lecture number one

References[edit | edit source]

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