Charlie Rush

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Charlie Rush
Charlie Rush Drums.jpg
Deceased Yes
Nationality American
Occupation Scientologist
Org. Affiliation(s) Celebrity Centre International, Flag Service Organization,
Posts Course Supervisor, Drummer
Spouse(s) Ann Tidman (Broeker)(Rush)

Bio[edit | edit source]

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Testimonials[edit | edit source]

"Neil R Sarfati a long time friend has informed me that a mutural friend from our past, Charlie Rush has passed away after many years of battling cancer. Charlie had married one of my best friends and fellow messenger, Annie Broker back when we lived on the Apollo. He was the drummer for the Apollo Stars and remained in Scientology to his dying day. Over the last several years when I tried to check on Charlie, I was informed that he was being taken care of medically and he would spend weekends with his brother recovering from chemo treatment before returning to work at the Scientology Complex in LA. Charlie was well loved by many and was always ready for a good laugh. He will be missed."
Janis Gillham Grady

Images[edit | edit source]

Wedding to Ann Tidman Wedding LRH
Charlie Rush Annie-1.jpg Charlie Rush Annie Wedding.jpg Charlie Rush LRH.jpg
Apollo Stars Apollo Stars
Charlie Rush Drums-2.jpg Charlie Rush Apollo Stars.jpg