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Carisa Marion
Birthdate November 13
Birthday November 13, 1961
Birth info Flint Michigan
Deceased Yes
Died on June 14, 2016
info At home, cervical cancer
Nationality American
Occupation Entrepreneur
Org. Affiliation(s) Celebrity Centre International,
Case Level OT III

personal message from Carisa[edit | edit source]

  • Via Tim Hollenbeck on Facebook:

"I want to thank all of you for your support and prayers and of course the incredible financial donations. It is truly overwhelming to feel so much love and help coming my way. Thank you so much to my nephew Tim who set this up. I want to let you know what is going on.

As some of you know I am trained in a lot of alternative health sciences, Drug Detox, Gerson Cancer therapy, ozone therapy, etc. due to my trying to help my schizophrenic mother and my brother who is a diabetic paralyzed from the waist down. I am a caregiver for my mother and last year had my brother living with me on a program where we accomplished a lot to improve his health. I also took on bringing 4 of his sons out to stay with me and getting them through the Purification Rundown and various hattings in life, getting jobs, etc. It was a very stressful year and I was not taking care of myself.

I want to warn all women right now that any post-menopausal bleeding is an urgent matter. I finally saw a Dr. in November who said I needed a biopsy, but he thought I was going to be okay. With my crappy HMO insurance through my union as a in-home supportive caregiver the appointment got lost and the soonest was February. I ended up going to the emergency room after my last "period" lasted a month. During the exam a growth fell off my cervix. The biopsy results came back on Feb 8th, yes of this year. Very aggressive high grade cervical cancer. Only the inside was there but within two weeks when I had my CT scan it was now 5 cm x 5 cm. Too large for a hysterectomy. I started all my alternative treatments the day I was diagnosed. I have a lot of equipment at home including: an ozone steam cabinet, Norwalk juicer, lymphatic drainage machine, infrared dome sauna, you name it. I was having tumor falling out of me again and again. The problem with cervical cancer is you are constantly bleeding.

On Feb 22nd I was rushed to the nearest emergency room where I almost bled to death and had to have a massive blood transfusion and be packed under anesthesia. The surgeon said the tumor shredded and shattered. I was released the next day, but ended up at now at my real hospital with my oncologist. I was so terrified of bleeding to death that she talked me into radiation, which I did not want. When I woke up after the packing she said “Well this is quite amazing, but the tumor is gone other than the piece inside the cervix so we can do a hysterectomy, no radiation. I said I needed a break. I had to think about it knowing that once you cut out the primary tumor the stem cells now go wild and I had no plan in place to handle that. Plus all my alternative treatments were working. I had time. Or so I thought. This was already one of the fastest growing tumors my Dr. had ever seen. For the next couple weeks the tumor would grown back and then I'd come home from a high dose IV drip with glutathione push and do a coffee enema and out into my hand would fall the tumor.

Well then something changed, the cancer got smarter and started growing even faster. And I was fighting anemia and blood loss, was in the hospital via ambulance two more times for transfusions. The tumor went from 5 cm to 9 and then in the two weeks before I arrived here in Mexico grew to 15 cm. That's in each direction. There were nights I laid in Jack's arms and begged God to please let me die in my sleep as I could not take the pain. I was no longer able to pee. Doctors at the hospital wrote me off and said no one would operate on me ever as they would have to remove my bladder and rectum as a rule to "make sure they get it all". Basically go home and die from radiation and chemo was my only option. When I knew the cancer was beating me and we needed serious help I flew on my nephews out to take care of my mom so I could go to Mexico, still had no idea where.

A couple days before we arrived here Jack and I said we would ask God to give us the answer in our sleep. I woke up having forgotten we did that but grabbed my cell phone and started looking up Rigvir, a treatment in Latvia I'd seen on the Ty Bollinger Global Quest for Cancer Cures program. I was thinking "Why am I looking at this, I couldn't even survive the flight there." but then I saw Hope4Cancer hospital pop up, they have Rigvir right in Mexico! I called them immediately and was told there was no opening till May 28th. I begged them and explained I could not survive the weekend, please. They got me in the next day.

We packed all night and was here by noon. I started on the PNC-27 right away, which caused some inflammation. Then it turned out I had a bladder infection. Then my vein blew and I needed a catheter inserted which all patients get here. But I was so anemic after the procedure my heart jumped to 170 beats per minute and I was vomiting, three Drs. were by my side saving me, this place is incredible compared to the US. I needed two units of blood. I needed critical care. I was bloated like a 4 month pregnant woman and in extreme pain. I got antibiotic for the bladder infection and now had to be bedridden, as I could not walk. I was terrified the tumor was growing that fast. An ultrasound at day 7 showed the tumor had only slightly increased on one side probably due to inflammation. I was so relieved, I had been in terror it was too late for me, but it showed I had a liter of fluid in my abdomen. I paid to have a surgeon come drain it but instead of 1000 ccs only 250 came out, no relief at all and he tried in 3 places stabbing into tumor many times. It was brutal.

There is a Dr. Munoz here who is like an Angel, he saves me again and again. My tumor is so large it crushes my colon, I cannot go to the bathroom at all and the gas pain was a lot of the bloat so I was put on anti spasmodics. I begged to find a surgeon who would operate and remove some tumor, but was explained why it is impossible. So to relieve pain I was put on no food, no water. I suck on ice to wet my mouth. Yes, there was relief for one day and I actually could walk a little, but now it turns out the bladder infection was not handled, my fever came back. And I have bad edema, but can't have a diuretic due to not being able to drink water so they worry everyday that I may get fluid in my lungs. My albumin was 2 and had to be at 4 so now bottles of that. They sent an internist over to review my case tonight who is wonderful, is putting me on iv nutrition and keeping my iv painkiller in and giving me exercises to do in bed to help with edema. He is worried about bowel obstruction.

We are all praying for a miracle in tumor shrinkage. The tumor must shrink. I am very strong, I know I can handle all these other issues and I do all my therapies in my room everyday. I have had my 3 Rigvir shots and the PNC-27 dose is getting higher everyday. I am fighting for time. I need time for the treatments to work. I am guessing they are going to say I have to stay longer than the three weeks before I can go home with the home program. I have hope and I know I am a very strong person. There are times when the pain has been unbearable and Jack has to run down to get them to bring the painkiller fast. There are times I wonder if I can keep going. I want everyone know the single most valuable thing to my recovery and my morale has been people reaching out to me, my friend Selina has been my Rock. The support and prayers, people here in the hospital coming to check on me and say they've been praying for me, all the people reaching out and letting me know they are rooting for me, it is priceless. Yes, it is terrifying the financial burden of this ordeal and what I will confront when I get home. It is already over $70,000. But really even if I end up bankrupt or lose my house or whatever, it is nothing in the scheme of things if I can beat this. I appreciate so much every single donation made, it overwhelms me truly. I have always taken care of other people and always tried to deliver exchange in abundance and typically don't even charge anyone for help. I have never been on the reverse flow receiving so much help from people, it is a feeling I can't even explain. All I can think about is surviving this and getting home and helping other cancer patients. There is no pain imaginable like cancer and I pray none of you ever experience it but if you do or someone you love does, call me and I will help you. I have all the tools at home and know now where to get the best cancer killing treatments. I just pray it's not too late for me. Thank you everyone for your prayers and good wishes and to those of you donating, you are just too cool.

I love you all."

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