Aaron Poulin

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Aaron Poulin
Deceased Yes
Died on 2004
info Hanged himself at the Hollywood Inn

Father - Paul?
Mother - SO member, fundraiser for Ideal Orgs (CC Nashville)

Nationality American
Org. Affiliation(s) CMO, Celebrity Centre International,
Posts CMO Int messenger
Spouse(s) Marie

Born and raised in the SO. He was CMO Int messenger, got demoted to CCI and was so caved in by that he committed suicide.

"On the night of November 17, as his court date neared, Aaron came home briefly to their apartment and told Marie that he had to get back to his post at the Celebrity Center. “It was an all-hands thing about the folders. He was just home to change his clothes,” she remembers. “As he was walking out he said, ‘Today I realized that I do love you and it was just my out-ethics.’

“That was the last I saw him.”

The next morning, November 18, she got up early and made her way past the construction on the 2nd floor of the building and then to her post at the Hollywood Guaranty Building.

“At 10 a.m. or so, I got the call from Kirsten in OSA Int saying she wanted to talk to me,” Marie remembers. Kirsten Caetano is an executive in Scientology’s notorious Office of Special Affairs, which works as part public relations agency, part secret police. “There were ambulances at the Hollywood Inn. I learned that I’d literally walked right past him in the morning.”" [1]

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