Wolfgang Keller

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Wolfgang Keller
Training Level Class VIII
Case Level Original OT-7 - New OT-7
Auditing Offered Grades, Intro Auditing, Life Repair, NED
Country US
State CA
City Los Angeles
Postal Code 91040
Geo 34° 3' 8.04" N, 118° 14' 37.27" W
Website http://thedragonpapers.wordpress.com/
Email cognizantdragon@gmail.com
Phone 832-552-5363

I am a Class VIII and graduated at AOSH EU Copenhagen in 1976. At Flag, I re-did my internships through Class VI. I also completed a GAT Class VI-internship in 2010 at ASHO, Los Angeles. I am aware of the tech alterations introduced by RTC.

I am offering Intro-Auditing, Life/Repair through NED to Clear, including every specialist Rundown such as FPRD, PTS R/D and also XDN (Expanded Dianetics). Additionally, I am trained as a NOTs auditor and deliver new OT V. I am also trained to deliver the List-Rundowns.

I love to perform Marriage Counseling which I administered to save quite a few marriages. It is a beautiful tool, also well suited for Non-Scientologists. I enjoy being the officiant for weddings, naming and memorial ceremonies.

Since auditing is a group activity, my auditing is supervised by qualified C/Ses and carried out in conjunction with a trained Qual terminal for corrective actions. My delivery languages are English and German and when desired I travel to my PCs.

My auditing experience stretches over 35 years. I was in the SO from 1978 to 1980 and audited in the Case Cracker Unit. Together with my wife I founded the field group ARC Team in 1988. Because of disagreements with the present Church of Scientology management I became an independent auditor in September 2012.