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So far as I know the first uniform used in Scientology were at Saint Hill. It would have been in late 1965, early 1966, just before the Sea Project (which led to the Sea Org) was started. It was just after the Seven Division Org Board came out, dividing the org into two (HCO was division VII, I and II, Org was division III, IV, V and VI). Ron had previously said that he was not aiming to expand Scientology markedly until he had "sown up" the tech, but at that time he announced that this was done and now we would aim at expansion - the Seven Division Org Board was designed for expansion.

We were told that we were all to have uniforms. A tailor came to Saint Hill and each staff member was measured up. All men got two pairs of grey flannel trousers, a navy blue blazer with a badge and a Scientology tie. The tie was in Scientology colours – green, with small Scientology symbols in gold. I presume the women got two skirts and navy blue blazer with badge. I being in the HCO part of the org at the time got a badge with the motto on it "HCO Bring Order". People in the org part of the org board got a badge on their blazer saying "A Civilization Can Survive"

Being a loyal Scientologist I wore my blazer at work. However others did not and I sensed an unwillingness to be told what they should wear. Earlier, working at Saint Hill, and London in the 50s I sensed absolutely no concern about what staff members wore. This was before the hippie movement, though schools in England had school uniforms in my case (a little earlier) grey flannel trousers, blazer with school badge, school tie and cap in school colours – so I had already been subjugated!

Interesting to remember!