Congratulations & Welcome

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Congratulations & Welcome

Congratulations on creating your auditor page and welcome to Scientolipedia!

People interested in your services can now find you through search engines and referrals. You can use the link to this page just as you would any other website and it acts the same as well.

And just as if you had a separate website you maintain, you can changes or edit this page anytime you like.

Use the HELP section (sidebar of any page) to learn more about editing, adding pictures or videos to your page, adding articles and success stories and linking your page so you get maximum exposure.

Use the Technical Support link (sidebar) for any assistance or technical issues that come up.

Encourage your clients, PC's and students to post wins and success stories here in your exclusive forum for you page. It's a fantastic way to let people communicate with and about you.

Good luck and all the best!

David LaCroix

Dl8800807:27, February 10, 2013