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Science of Survival alterations112:00, August 10, 2014

Science of Survival alterations

I just wanted to make a note here for posterity and future researchers, specifically relating to Science of Survival. When I was the KTL I/C in 1991 at AOSH UK I found with my then friend and bookstore officer Scott Chaplin an original edition of this book in the book store storage space. It had hand written notes all over it in the rim and in some places pieces of paper where stuck in between pages. Some things were crossed out. As we looked at this we realized it was LRH's handwriting. We sent it up to RTRC at the time not even reading all the notes ourselves. The book had literally 100s of LRH notes scribbled in the rim indicating where he wanted certain things added etc. So, while I agree with what is said about the semicolons and other PR and BS trash statements of DM, I just want to note this here. I can only say that it may well be that some of the additional material for this one book were really intended by LRH. I never saw any other books edited. And of course its very hard to say without the original book and notes at hand. But the above is true and I wanted to make this known for all its worth. This is true,

Dominic O'Brien20:18, August 9, 2014

Thanks, good info and what a great find.

Dl8800812:00, August 10, 2014