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Charts016:42, March 2, 2022
Opening pages of first edition of ''Science and Survival''008:44, May 26, 2016

Love the Charts - Well Done and Thank You!

Dl88008 (talk)16:42, March 2, 2022

Opening pages of first edition of ''Science and Survival''

From: Ant Phillips [1]
Sent: Wednesday, May 25, 2016 12:58 PM
To: Dave LaCroix

Dear Dave,


I am curious about the Science of Survival PDF you have there. But I could not see a date to it (maybe because it is late at night and I am shortsighted). It is not the 1951 edition. I have the fourth printing, October 1, 1951. Apart from being dedicated to Alexis Valerie Hubbard it lacks a long introductory part before anything else, called "Publisher's Introduction" which include some graphs, for example "Summary of Average Percentile Scores on California Test of Personality". There are 23 pages of this introduction signed at the end by "Editorial Staff / Hubbard Dianetic Foundation". ...

Additional comments by Antony: shortly after the exodus from the church (mid 1980s) I heard comments on this book (Science and Survival) and its quite weird beginning (I have never seen another book where there was a number of pages of text before the title page of the book, the second page with copyrights and the dedication page). These comments were to the effect that Hubbard did this because they were the same as in the book Science and Sanity: an Introduction to the Non-Aristotelian Systems and General Semantics by Alfred Korzybski. I have not seen a first edition of Science and Sanity so I cannot verify this

Antony A Phillips (talk)08:44, May 26, 2016