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Introductory processes and assists117:04, April 26, 2018
Some stuck.005:50, April 24, 2018

Introductory processes and assists

Give the devil his due; there is a book, and I think even a course, called introductory processes and assists, covering many, if not most, or all of the techniques that got published, but fell by the wayside (possibly omitting the few later considered harmful). The book is far from actively promoted in the CO$, but it is there, and if memory serves, there's even a course. FZ should have auditors auditing the old techniques.Slarty (talk) 05:44, April 24, 2018 (UTC)

Slarty (talk)05:44, April 24, 2018

Introductory and Demonstration Processes and Assists is the full title, first issued in 1982 in a ring binder by New Era Publications ApS. The period around 1982 was a period of turmoil producing a large split away from the "established" Scientology Church but also some tech things including this (obtainable for free as a PDF file from ), The Professional Product Debug Course (material obtainable at the moment from my dropboxː [1] , And the Happiness Rundown Course and Internship (see )

Antony A Phillips (talk)17:04, April 26, 2018

Some stuck.

Seems to me in ur article u make it sound as tho all techniques b4 SHSBC were quickly abandoned. Seems to me not so; a few stuck; and the some of the 1s that did so became part of the bridge. In fact u can see the bridge of the 60s in COHA.

Slarty (talk)05:50, April 24, 2018