Robin Adair

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Robin Adair
Robin Adair
Training Level Class VI
Case Level Original OT-7
Case Supervision Class VI
Country US
State CA
City Jurupa Valley
Postal Code 91752
Geo 34° 0' 0.00" N, 117° 29' 0.00" W
Phone (626)773-0592

I am a graduate of the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course, obtaining the certificate of Hubbard Senior Scientologist in 1986.

While on the Briefing Course I moon lighted in the American Saint Hill Hubbard Guidance Center Folder Error Summary Unit.

The technology of what is also known as FESing is covered in HCO BULLETIN OF 6 OCTOBER 1970 C/S Series 19 FOLDER ERROR SUMMARIES.

By the way this is an additional service I offer for Field C/S, auditors and even PCs or Pre OTs who want to ensure past errors in auditing are corrected and that Standard Tech is being applied.

From there I transferred to the Advanced Organization of Los Angeles and mainly worked in what was called the Division IV FES Unit. This unit ensured that the PC or Pre OT was set up for the Advanced Courses also known as the OT Levels according to the Confidential and Limited Distribution HCOB known at the time as Solo Series 11RF.

The HCOB has since been revised since my time there but the key points are covered in HCO BULLETIN OF 3 FEBRUARY 1972 R6EWOT III NO INTERFERENCE AREA which was and is Broad Public Issue.

While at the Advanced Org probably due to my ability as an FESer to find the bug on any case by applying HCO BULLETIN OF 19 MARCH 1971C/S Series 30 C/Sing AUDITOR-C/Ses I was assigned to audit in the "Case Cracking Unit" under the direction of a Class XII Case Supervisor.

There I resolved many cases and got them back on the Grade Chart again from where they'd fallen off.

Something I continue to do today.

Thus I'm sure I can handle any case.

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