Ralph Hilton

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Ralph Hilton
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Ralph Hilton
Training Level Class IX
Case Level OT-8
Auditing Offered Grades, Intro Auditing, Life Repair, NED, NOTS, Ls
Case Supervision Class VIII
Country AT
City Semmering
Geo 47° 37' 57.58" N, 15° 49' 43.18" E
Website http://www.ralphhilton.eu
Email rhilton@aon.at

I became involved in Scientology in 1971 and joined the Sea Org a year later. I left in 1982 after the organizations became oppressive. I started delivering services in London outside the CofS and moved to Austria in 1998. I am delivering all levels of auditing and can train people on Solo auditing up to OT8. I am delivering using LRH tech and do not use any of the various offshoot technologies that have appeared in the field.

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