Pat Price

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Pat Price
Deceased Yes
Died on July 14, 1975
info Las Vegas under suspicious circumstances
Nationality American
Case Level OT 3
Website 5 RV The Scientology Connection Part One

"...On the way to the registration desk a man accidently bumped into Price. Whether or not this bump was in any way significant is open only to conjecture." The Death of Pat Price

"Former CIA director Stansfield Turner described Price as "A man who could 'see' what was going on anywhere in the world" through his psychic powers." ­ Chicago Tribune, August 13, 1977.

One day in 1973, Price walked into Hal Puthoff's office, tossed a file on his desk and said "You might be interested in these UFO bases."

Remote Viewing[edit | edit source]

Watch Podcast 5, 6 & 7 - RV The Scientology Connection for a full briefing on Pat's activities with the SRI RV experiments.

Podcast 6 is below but part one is recommended before watching.