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Otfried Krumpholz
Otfried cropped.jpg
Training Level Class VIII
Case Supervision Class XII
Country Germany
City Frankfurt
Geo 50° 6' 39.32" N, 8° 40' 55.66" E
Website http://dasdrittejahrtausend.de
Email ok@rons-org.de

About my Background of Delivering the Tech[edit | edit source]

As a part of Ron's Org Frankfurt I have been delivering auditing and training since 1989. I have seen quite a bit in terms of "good" and "bad" services and learned a lot from my own mistakes and those of others. Sometimes it is a tough proposition trying to help a spiritual being!

As a tech terminal, I have been "born and raised" in the Free Zone and never have been in the CoS. I got my training in various places and from various persons, chief amongst them Erica and Max Hauri [1] and for the Ls from Rey Robles[2]. I also got trained by Mary Freeman [3] on delivering the Integrity Program, an ingenious application of the Ethics Conditions to the first dynamic. I am the first person who did the complete training bridge (as complete as it is available outside the CoS) in the Free Zone and am part of the Ron's Org network. This means I hold with the bridge to that extent that Ron completed the work up to the point where he no longer was on lines and thus the issues became unreliable - not only with regards to authorship but also to their content. On my website www.dasdrittejahrtausend.de some discussions of such issues can be found.

My Views about the Bridge[edit | edit source]

On the lower bridge, my conviction - grown out of decades of experience in C/Sing and auditing - is that there is no substitute to thorough Grades. Thetans that don't need Grades or do not benefit from Grades auditing in the first place don't exist in my universe. Success reports and improvements in life resulting from Grades auditing support this stable datum which is in full accordance with what LRH has said in the Class VIII lectures and elsewhere.

The first OT levels after Clear are a crucial point on the bridge and unfortunately badly altered and rendered unworkable in the CoS. If these, taking care of the other-determined case, are skimped, there is no good chance of working with success at the self- and pan-determined case in the OT levels to follow.

In my mind there can be no doubt that the bridge is not complete after having done OT 3 (and certainly not after NOTs, too). As LRH has spoken about the OT levels which were to follow after that point I think this view is in accordance with his. So those who want to go the full way have only few variants: Toying around with old techniques from the 50s and 60s (which LRH himself gave up in his quest for building a reliable bridge), going on endlessly on NOTs (which has yet to produce the desired result) or experimenting on one's own. The alternative is the Bridge at Ron's Org, researched by Captain Bill Robertson, one of the persons closest to and most trusted by LRH, which was walked successfully by thousands since. It is not a question of belief - it is a matter of studying and auditing these levels when you are ready for them and seeing for yourself. What is true for you is what is true for you.

The Ultimate Goal[edit | edit source]

What is the ultimate goal of doing the bridge? What does spiritual enhancement mean? Is it to be "free of everything"? Or isn't it rather a "freedom for" - meaning to be more and more of what you yourself really are and to be able to play a better game (or your own game better)? If you agree to the latter view, you are certainly welcome at Ron's Org Frankfurt to receive our assistance.

Success stories (Selection)[edit | edit source]

About my work as an auditor...[edit | edit source]

"I just completed a Progress Program. I feel it was actually a Life Repair Program because it did repair my life after being in the “church” for 40+ years. I feel great & I am ready to continue on up the Bridge. P. B., 13.02.12 PS: This was the first auditing in years where I was really in session & being audited by a real auditor who was interested in me as a pc. No robots here!"

"On June 30th 2013 I did complete the L10 in RONS ORG Frankfurt. I did the L10 because my C/S and auditor recommended that rundown to me. Before doing it, I did not realize what exactly is run on that rundown. However I had heard a lot about the L Rundowns and so I was very excited about what was waiting for me. After the first sessions and after the first, big wins which I had on L10 I found a new name for this rundown. For me it was clear: “L” is short for lifesaver-rundown. When I was asked how it is going on my L10, I could only answer: “Incredible and indescribable”. It was not foreseeable for me which aspects of my life would come up and get handled during this auditing. Before, I hadn’t been aware of the fact that there was still something to tidy up in certain areas of my life. But exactly those things came up which made me withhold in life. In session, downright explosions and shocks were effected in my universe. My auditor however lead me through the auditing safely and got me through all difficulties that surfaced so that at the end of every session, I came out with more certainty. For me this step was one of the best actions which I ever had the privilege to do in Scientology. For me it became pretty clear, too, that my auditor Otfried belongs to the best auditors on this planet. Where else but in Ron’s Org do you have an auditor who himself is on the highest OT levels, belongs to the best trained auditors and who has decades of experience as an auditor and C/S. We of the RONS ORG can really feel lucky that we are taken care of by such excellent staff. There are not many other places on this planet where you can soar up the bridge as well and as quickly as in a RONS ORG. THANKS M.C.C., June 30th 2013"

...and about my work as a Case Supervisor[edit | edit source]

"I have attested the state of Clear at Ron’s Org Frankfurt. Many years ago I made it my goal to achieve the state of Clear. At that time I still was on lines with the CoS, and after many years of being a member of the CoS it seemed nearly impossible to me to ever achieve this state. It was simply not affordable, and also it seemed that there was no direct way towards Clear, because you go from one rundown to the next, just to be sent from there to a repair and then to an ethics cycle and then again to the registrar, where you are told to pay high sums so you can do the next step. Finally I turned away from the CoS, disappointed. I had lost my hope to ever achieve the state of Clear. By chance I came to know that there was an alternative to the CoS – the Ron’s Org. So I went to find out what it is all about this Ron’s Org. First I was very critical regarding Ron’s Org. But the more I found out about it, the more I understood why I hadn’t been able to progress in the CoS and how much the tech is altered in the CoS. After I made sure that within Ron’s Org only original materials of LRH are used I started, just 3 years ago, walking the road up to Clear. As my home is far away from Ron’s Org Frankfurt I had only time to come once a week, at weekends, to Frankfurt. Additionally due to my job I often had to work at weekends. Nevertheless it was possible to climb the bridge within 3 years from Grade 0 to Clear. To be exact what I did during that time was: an extensive repair, objective processes, Grade 0 through 4, Confessional, Drug Rundown and Dianetics up to Clear. Besides I completed some courses as well and audited a pc on M1. I believe this was only possible because in Ron’s Org only Standard Tech is applied and because the path is followed which was laid out by Ron. No more and no less. What I should mention as well is that I didn’t have to encumber myself with debts to achieve all of this (as it would have been the case in the CoS).

Now you can certainly imagine how overjoyed I am that I have achieved my goal. A goal which I was pursuing such a long time and of which I believed I could never reach it anymore. But to become Clear for me means more than just to achieve this goal. It also means that I have found myself, to know who I am myself, what I want, and most of all it means for me to know what I want to achieve from here on out. Since I am Clear, every day I discover new abilities in me, and I think there is still more to discover within the next weeks. I am already looking forward to my next steps on the Operating Thetan levels in the direction of Operating Thetan and total freedom and knowledge. I want to say a heart-felt thank you to my auditor Ulli who always was there for me, to audit me and to accompany the road up to Clear. I want to say thank you to the C/S of Ron’s Org Frankfurt, that he is so competent and wears his hat so professionally, and that he always knew what was the next, correct step for me. And I want to thank Captain Bill. Without him there wouldn’t have been a Ron’s Org and I could never have achieved the state of Clear. 'And last not least I want to thank LRH whom we all are indebted for the tech, our wins and our spiritual progress. T H A N K Y O U With a lot of ARC, M.C.C."

"On purpose I have waited for 3-4 weeks to write down the success story for this adventure. 35 years ago I got the first vague inkling of how it would be to get rid of all the other-determined things and their effects on my life. Now I know for sure. And of course, it’s great. One of my major wins is the much bigger integrity and the recognition how senseless it is to make myself smaller or keep me smaller. Of course everybody creates his or her own state, but the learning process becomes deadlier and deadlier as you go down the spiral. And there lies other-determinism. For the goal is to learn from experience and not to be done in for it. During this level I could get to know the many facets of this other-determinism in such an incredible way. There is really nothing you can imagine that does not exist. During the level I could insert the Solo Power Course to solve some problems that had occurred. The data related to this opened some more doors. Now I could sort out things which were impossible to sort out before. The result was a very calm state, resting in myself, willingness to confront whatever I would undertake and a very large certainty and confidence regarding my destination, my origin and my further development. Most of all the certainty to be able to win this game together with all others. But the most amazing experience was the Operating Thetan Life Repair. What I could handle on all dynamics on that level can’t be told in words. My concept regarding the dynamics after that was so simple that I could hardly believe it. The uncertainties which I experienced in the Church after the completion of each level could once more not be traced here. There was just the subjective and objective truth that this kind of charge has been removed. This in itself is nearly an Operating Thetan level. Especially with regards to the partially very hurtful cognitions which I gained on this level regarding the Church I can value the possibility Ron’s Org offers here even more: - the bridge that is really done by gradients where you can move swiftly without any uncertainty - the precise measure of support and trust in the ability and responsibility of the individual - the completely superior handling of supervision and care. All of that, I am quite sure, is appreciated by Ron. With regards to the support in this important step I want to thank my C/S, the “Swiss people”, the course team and also my wife who accompanied me on this journey with patience, some emotion (created from both sides) and support. I am looking forward to the next level and wish everybody those wins, and fast! ARC, RW"

Success Story on the Delivery of the Integrity Program[edit | edit source]

"This program I´ve been guided through led to essential changes. The inspection of several „road stops“ , sometimes in depth, released fixed energy and now I have gained more attention for essential things. I was amazed how old subjects and partially subjects from others accompanied me in life unnoticed by me and kept me from efficency, joy and inner freedom. Now I am looking forward, focus (again?) on my personal goals and care for them with passion and fun. At the same time I notice it needs attention and self-esteem if you do not want to get diverted from what is your own and what is essential. This is (still) again and again connected with conflicts, especially with people not used to clarity and genuinity. With more causation about, understanding for, and joy about my own things I experience these challenges as pleasurable and rewarding. One more thing: It was very helpful and valuable to do the course „How to have a game instead of a case“ which I studied at the same time I did the Integrity program. Special thanks to Otfried who supported me reliably, safely and professionally.

March 2017, nhg"

Success Stories[edit | edit source]

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