On Dissing the Tech

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On Dissing the Tech
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Author Mary Freeman
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Frankie and Mary Freeman

It seems that the current trend in the Indies' blogs is to deny any and all value and validity from Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard.

After spending many years and multiple thousands of dollars on 'The Bridge', it is now dismissed as “nothing more than a scam” by the poor dupes who fell off it.

That all their stated wins and gains and success stories were just imagined or pretended achievements, only held together by agreement from others who were also playing Make Believe.

Somehow it seems that concocting this monumental scenario to disavow all validity from the Technology of LRH, aimed at turning all the lemonade back into lemons, seems way more far-fetched and bizarre than giving the man credit for a very effective legacy of spiritual applications and their actual benefits.

The only built-in tragic flaw in the Technology is that it only works when applied. So if someone goes in for some auditing they feel much better for a while. But then they tend to revert back to the default settings they came in with. Why is that? Because even though their cognitions were real enough at the time they were had, they only had lasting benefit when acted upon. Repeat: Cognitions only have lasting benefit when acted upon.

That is the responsibility of the person having the cognition. It is not the auditor's, and certainly not LRH's. It is not others' responsibility to enforce those cognitions, or to follow up on them, or see if they are being applied in life. It is not anyone else's responsibility to make the person use in life what he learned in session.

Back in the 50s and 60s and into the 70's we all knew it was more important to get trained than to get audited. Training is what gives you the fertile ground in which to plant your cognitions and watch them grow. Training is what gives you the mastery of application. We knew that the people who came in just for auditing were not going very far.

The trained ones had the understanding, the foundation and the skills to operate on a much higher level of ability and awareness in life.

They had the power and the commitment to live what they learned from sessions and from training.

Unfortunately that reality started to peter out in the 80's and continued diminishing, to the point where now hardly any auditors are being made. But the auditors were the only ones who could carry the tech forward, and without them, the technology will die.

Why? Because Scientology is an applied philosophy, which therefore only works when applied, and the application is only as good as the skills of the person trained to apply it.

A live auditor is the only thing that can keep the Tech alive.

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