NEXT-GEN Ron’s Org Training Camp

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NEXT-GEN Ron’s Org Training Camp
Primary Contact
Training Offered Academy Levels, Basic Courses, NED, Pro Trs, Student Hat
Auditing Offered
Case Supervision Class XII
Country Switzerland
State Switzerland
City Grenchen
Postal Code 2540
Geo 47° 11' 25.49" N, 7° 23' 51.79" E
Phone +41 32 513 72 20
Event July 30, 2022
Event Info The NEXT-GEN Ron's Org Training Camp will take place: From Saturday 30 July until Saturday 6 August 2020

The NEXT-GEN Ron's Org Training Camp will take place in Grenchen (Switzerland) located near a river and a natural reserve. The small city is situated at the foot of the Jura Mountains and there are good opportunities for outdoor activities.

The camp is aimed at young people aged 14 to 30 who are interested in self-improvement – for themselves and their surroundings – by giving them the tools that will help them enhance the civilization in general. They will feel less lonely and will be able to meet young people who have the same goal.

We also offer basic courses for children aged 4 to 13. However, we ask that one or both parents be present to take care of them with regard to outdoor activities (meals, accommodation...).

We can offer some affordable accommodations within a walking distance and with cooking facilities. Those offers are limited, thus it would be great if you would enrol as soon as possible. Otherwise we could help you to find a B&B or a hotel.

All services are delivered, from the Communication Course to the highest levels, including Hard TRs. For those who have never taken a course, please make sure to contact your local Ron’s Org or Melinda.

The only way to have a friend is to be one. Ralph Waldo Emerson

For more information about what you can do in the Next-Gen camp, contact Melinda Hauri:

Success Stories from the NEXT-GEN Camp

Sometimes when I’m on the train or in the city and I look at all the people around me and feel how they are all silent and locked up, introverted and hopeless, it makes me very disappointed and anxious in the society we live in and I feel so lonely in the middle of this crowd.

Next-Gen Camp is always a place where I grasp the idea of a New Civilization, where everyone can present themselves how they really are, without judgement or pretentiousness, where the sad ones can cry and let go of their pain so they find motivation to try again and where the angry ones can scream until they are ready to communicate again and find a solution and where everyone is doing their best to make us, the people on Earth and the beautiful world we live in, the place it could be, the place that is already on its way to become what it was supposed to be.

Thank you to all the people who are willing to take responsibility for themselves, who face their fears and who are on their way to free their whole potential, what not only will make them feel better, but will make everyone they get in touch with, realize that there is not only hope, but already a foundation for a better world. So, LETS GO ! – S. 20 years old. In addition to the fact that I find the place very pleasant, I like doing the Hard TRs and feel that it generally brings me positive changes in my life. – A. 25 years old.

On the Basic of Life course I also get auditing. The best thing is that it allows me to have other viewpoints than at home. I appreciate that nobody judges how everyone should behave. It's very simple! I have quit smoking and for the first time I want to continue my studies back home. I’m looking forward to coming again. – S. 22 years old.

I’m a regular participant in the camp. I’m on a course to become an auditor and I like to see the whole group again. What surprise me is how everyone is improving from one year to the next. I love the camp because I can really be myself, knowing that no one will judge me or have strange ideas about me. It is my spiritual holidays that makes me stable and allows me to be myself. – AS. 23 years old.

Like during each camp, it was a real relief for all of us to realize that there are other young people who are struggling with the same difficulties in life, who are concerned with the same themes and who are able to share wins and common realities. – M. 18 years old.

I realized that confront is even more important than physical training to become a good player of Ice Hockey. – Y. 25 years old.

It was not easy at the beginning, but you have all helped me to get through it all. None of you made fun of me. And that is definitely something else than what I live in the college where I am. – A. 17 years old.

The Hard TRs changed my life. I thought it wasn’t possible. I thought I couldn’t feel this way, to suddenly have all this power. But it is possible and I am extremely grateful to the Supervisors for creating this space to have these wins. – M. 19 years old.

Directly from the instructor: We had a superb week. For the young people, their biggest win was to see that they were not alone with the desire to create a better world and that there are other people who like “to eat more sanely”, “who do not have to be always doing the same as others”, “who want to help” and “who are thirsty for knowledge”. These young people found here a group where they feel good for the first time, without having to “disguise”. For us, the instructors, it was fantastic to see young people who help each other and the cohesion that resulted. It was going right to our heart more deeply throughout the week. – M.

This camp is a great opportunity for you!

Melinda Hauri, Ron's Grenchen