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Loy Young
Deceased Yes
Nationality American
Occupation Trained through Class XII, interned only through Class IX
Case Level Original OT-7
Training Level Class IX, OEC, FEBC, Data Series
Website http://loyyoung.com/
Email loy@loyyoung.com

Loy (Combs) Young:

Questions that were aflame in my youth just would not die down until answered. Questions like – Why am I Here? Where did I come from? What’s my Destiny? How do I become all that I am meant to be? What is the “meaning of life?”

Loy in the Sea Org

Especially, why In spite of our high spiritual ideals, religious teachings and incredible scientific advancements, has human behavior shockingly been much the same century after century? Why I wanted to know? A mystery I felt compelled to unravel, I was willing to travel into the depths of darkness of our human consciousness. This might sound far too serious, no fun at all to most people, but pure excitement to me, my destiny to fulfill.

Not finding answers to these mysteries that fully satisfied me in traditional schooling, I was then propelled to the esoteric field where I felt more at home. The cosmos, my place in it, esoteric astrology, past lives, intuition, emotions, psychic abilities, shamans, mystery schools, clues left behind by former matriarch civilizations has been the magical road I've traveled.

My conscious quest took decades as I interacted with people from all walks of life—from cosmopolitan jet-setters to rural villagers—and a variety of cultural backgrounds and religions. Whenever I found a truth that fit my criteria as a truth, being one that would apply regardless of race, gender or culture, I would write about it, teach and use with those that sought out my advice. Most discoveries turned out to be real, others illusions which spurred me on my way again leading me to travel and work on six continents.

Many shudder when they find out that I was passionately involved in L Ron Hubbard’s Scientology and the Sea Org earlier in my life. I was twenty seven when I embarked on this enthralling and adventurous chapter in my life, most aware of what I was doing. Already well versed in other religions such as Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, and Shinto, I fully embraced Scientology as a religion. Always wanting to be a minister since my youth, I was thrilled that I could become a minister, when that option was not available in other organized religions. Particularly appealing to me was Hubbard’s fundamental premise that man was basically good. It’s far from being the final chapter in my still evolving life, but I’m most grateful for my time spent. The first video is free.

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  • City = San Jacinto
  • Postal Code=92583
  • Skype=LoyYoung