Leaving the Port Island of Maderia

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Leaving the Port Island of Maderia
Name Andre Tabayoyon
Period At Sea
Location Portugal
Year 1971

Portugal[edit | edit source]

This photo was taken as we were leaving the port of Medira Portuagal. I was on the look out post and was having a very difficult time locating a point of reference.

Andre Tabayoyon

The Commodore was on the bridge and noticed that I had that deer in the headlight look, he came up the the bridge and was telling me what to do but for the life of me I could not hear a word he was saying, then he started pointing out where the point was, and I was not able to see it either. Well as you know by now the flying bridge was filled with people, Judy Fuller, Allan Buchannon, Barry Watson, a messenger, and of course Norman Starkey Captain at the time, well the photographer was on the deck below. Anyway, after a few minutes of the Commodore trying to show and tell me where this point was he finally looked at Norman and asked " what the hell are you doing with a blind and deaf look out on post." He chuckled which turned into a laugh and finally he pointed out to the Captain and he saw it and he left the flying bridge. There I stood, Alan encouraged me to hang in there, Judy Fuler said I would need to do some conditions.

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