Isaac Hayes

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Isaac Hayes
Isaac hayes-1.jpg
Birthdate 08/20
Birthday August 20, 1942
Birth info Covington, Tennessee, U.S.
Deceased Yes
Died on August 10, 2008
info Hayes was found unresponsive in his home located just east of Memphis
Nationality American
Occupation Musician
Org. Affiliation(s) Celebrity Centre International
Children 12 children, 14 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren
Isaac with John Travolta and Kelly Preston

"Hayes took his first Scientology course in 1993, later contributing endorsement blurbs for many Scientology books over the ensuing years. The frontispiece page for Scientology: The Fundamentals of Thought (1997 paperback edition) quotes Hayes as saying "If you really want to know about the mind, the spirit and life itself, read Scientology: The Fundamentals of Thought. It will put you on the right path!" In 1996, Hayes began hosting The Isaac Hayes and Friends Radio Show on WRKS in New York City. While there Hayes became a client of young vegan raw food chef, Elijah Joy and his company Organic Soul, Inc. Hayes also appears in the Scientology film Orientation.

In 1998, Hayes and fellow Scientologist entertainers Anne Archer, Chick Corea and Haywood Nelson attended the 30th anniversary of Freedom Magazine, the Church of Scientology's investigative news journal, at the National Press Club in Washington DC, to honor eleven activists.

In 2001, Hayes and Doug E. Fresh, another Scientologist musician, recorded a Scientology-inspired album called The Joy Of Creating – The Golden Era Musicians And Friends Play L. Ron Hubbard."[1]

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