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BETA VERSION – please send comments and suggestions to:

Introductory Guided Tour to Scientolipedia

This is a robot/bot guided tour to Scientolipedia. Unlike a normal guided tour you can't ask questions but you can take a break any time and you can send a message, with for example suggestions for improving the guided tour, things you think are missing, questions, et cetera to the man who programs the robot, at the following address : [1].

XX1 screenshot Scientolipedia top of opening page preview.jpg

Scientolipedia exists as a site on the Internet in order to give an all-round view on Scientology, the philosophy, the technology, the many official and unofficial organisations and people and not least the history of the subject. The following is a link to the official Mission Statement of the site: [[1]] .

Despite the fact that it's been in existence for less than 10 years there is quite a lot to it (and even more still to be done!). So this guided tour starts off by giving you some ideas of how to find your way around it. It's probably important for you to quickly find things on your reality level (basic Scientology data concerning ARC and understanding). So here are two basic ways you can go about it.
ːː(A table of contents like the one below appears on many Scientolipedia pages. If you go to the one below and click on "3.1 Table of contents" you will be taken down to an explanation of contents boxes on this page)

Using the Search Button[edit | edit source]

XX2 screenshot Scientolipedia top RH corner.jpg

The above is a little portion of a screenshot of Scientolipedia and is the right-hand upper corner. That is where the search button is. Enter into this button a word or some words describing what you're most interested in at the moment then press the little sign (possibly a magnifying glass) that you see at the end of the search box. There will probably be a little lag and then you will be presented with a list of Scientolipedia pages containing that word. If the word or words are in the title of a Scientolipedia page, you will get at the top of the list something which is called "Page title matches". You can then click on anything that interests you.

A little bit more sophisticated; if you right click you will be given the opportunity to "Open link in new tab". This leaves you still on that same page where you can look down for other things that you can similarly open in a new tab, and then afterwards you can go and look at all these new tabs and close the ones that you don't want to bother about.

That's one method of finding your way around in Scientolipedia. There are quite a few others but we will take only one more; that of categories.

Using Scientolipedia's Categories[edit | edit source]

Go to the left hand top corner of any Scientolipedia page. It looks like this:

Xx3 Scientolipedia top LH corner to browse site.jpg

You'll see the third item down under the picture of L Ron Hubbard says: "BROWSE SITE". Click on that.

You'll get a picture like the following which has a beginning list of items in the category articles and on the right side you will see the main list of categories in Scientolipedia.

Xx4 Scientolipedia categories.jpg

On the left side of that you'll see a list of categories in grey. At the time of writing it looks like the following:

Xx5 Scientolipedia list of categories.jpg

Those are the main categories at the moment in Scientolipedia. You can click on the one that interests you, and you will get a list of articles and you can click on any that interests you (again you can use the trick of right clicking on more than one, getting the ones you right click on opened in new tabs so you can have a brief look at and see which looks interesting).

Subcategories[edit | edit source]

In some cases there are sub categories. In the case of History of Scientology (with at the time of writing 105 articles) there are subcategories, and there are eight subcategories at the moment and this may help you narrow down your search as you can click on a subcategory and just see titles of the articles in that Subcategory.

At the very end of every page on Scientolipedia there is a list of the categories to which that article belongs. The work of putting in new articles and improving old articles is an ongoing job. I hope you find it interesting to just look at the articles we've got, but if you have done that for a while you may come to think of improvements that could be made or new things an article could be made about. You might even be interested in researching some aspect of Scientology which isn't yet adequately covered in Scientolipedia. There will be other guided tours to help you with all that.

Table of Contents and Footnotes[edit | edit source]

Here are two small tips for moving around in Scientolipedia articles.

Table of contents[edit | edit source]

Near the top of nearly all Scientolipedia articles you will find on the left-hand side a little box with the heading "contents". This gives the main headings in the article and subheadings if there are any. If you click on one of those you will go directly to that place in the article. (You will have to use conventional methods though to return to the top of the page or anywhere else on the page.)

Footnotes[edit | edit source]

There are often footnotes in articles. You will recognise them by their being a small number in brackets raised up a bit on the line. The footnote itself is near the end of the article but you can get directly to it by clicking on that little number. When you have read the footnote (and either got some benefit from reading it or thought that it's a waste of time) you can get back to where you were by clicking on the little symbol after the number (sort of up arrow) and you will be returned to where you were at the very top of the window..[2]

[– Note to readers of the beta version of this. I don't want to overload the inexperienced, but allowed them to have enough knowledge to get some ability to move around and look at the site (get some mass/doingness after all the "significance" given them above). In my opinion many people who appear very able on Internet because they use some sites frequently, actually have very little knowledge of basics. It's partly this sort of person I want to get hold of and get them to look at Scientolipedia. It's also a bit difficult for me to get hold of their reality level. So if you are one of those people or you know someone who is please give me feedback. There is a danger of out flowing too much without letting the reader inflow a bit. In the live guided tour the sensitive guide can see how much the recipients are taking in. With a robotic guide the poor old robot's programmer is in the dark! And at any rate I would very much appreciate your comments advices and even abuse. Antony Phillips 24th of December 2017]

Next parts/instalments[edit | edit source]

Further parts of this introductory guide will concern both how you can mark an article and be notified when an addition or change is made to it, and how you, or a friend or acquaintance who is more "nerdy" can make changes and add new articles. That's rather fun. It's on the create side of life rather than on the spectate side. It's also on contribute and contribute is high on the Havingness Scale. We probably need someone to write about the Havingness Scale, although it is in Ron's book Scientology 0-8[[2]]. [Possibly a note/guide explaining links in Scientolipedia as the link here to Scientology 0-8]

Possible further areas:
logins and watchlist
the books especially LRH books for download and searching in them with control F

References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ It is also possible for you to write something to me in what is called my "talk page" which is part of Scientolipedia and I will be notified by email that you put something there. Also other people who are in the know can read it there. If you are just beginning to look at this site and explore its possibilities it is probably far easier for you to write to my email address: . The talk page is something in the inner workings of Scientolipedia (and also Wikipedia) and is not really the subject for an introductory guided tour of the site. So please forget it!
  2. ^ This is an example of a footnote. If you click on the little up arrow at the beginning of this footnote – you are reading the footnote now – it will go up to the place where the footnote is indicated. This case is an exception as the indication of a footnote and the footnote are on the same page so when you click on the footnote up arrow a bit of the footnote will show up blue.