Indianapolis Spiritual Quest Center

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Indianapolis Spiritual Quest Center
Primary Contact Indianapolis Spiritual Quest Center
Training Offered Academy Levels, Basic Courses, Metering, NED, Pro Trs, Solo Course, Student Hat
Auditing Offered Grades, Intro Auditing, Life Repair, NED
Case Supervision Class VIII
Country US
State IN
City Indianapolis
Postal Code 46220
Geo 39° 51' 52.73" N, 86° 6' 14.11" W
Auditing Results
Year 2013

The Indianapolis Spiritual Quest Center is run by Ron Matlock and his wife Michelle.

Indianapolis is nicknamed "The Crossroads of America". It is a 1.5 hour drive from Louisville, a 2 hour drive from Cincinnati, a 3.5 hour drive from Columbus, a 3.5 hour drive from Chicago, a 5 hour drive from St. Louis and a 5 hour drive from Detroit.

Ron and Michelle resigned from the Church of Scientology in 2010.

Ron was trained in the church as a Professional Course Supervisor, a Professional Word Clearer and a Class IV Auditor. When he left the church he was a Power Plus release, and since then has progressed up to Solo NOTs. Ron's experiences with Scientology have been thoroughly amazing, so although not a fan of the church, he is a HUGE fan of L. Ron Hubbard's spiritual technology.

Michelle is one of the early Class VIII auditors, one of the early Clears, and one of the first people to complete original OT VI. She is trained to audit just about everything on the Bridge up through OT IV, including OT repairs.

They are happy to talk with anyone who has an interest in the original spiritual philosophy of L.Ron Hubbard, and to provide auditing, but their strongest desire is to train people in how to apply Scientology!

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