Hugh Meacham

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Hugh Meacham
Deceased Yes
Died on May 29, 2014

Hugh and Madalena, his wife, did the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course in the early days at Saint Hill, UK. In Rio de Janeiro, at the Copacabana Avenue, they ran a Scientology Mission. In 1982, when there was the destructive Mission Holders Conference in San Francisco, they were not there and so still had their mission as it was and later around 1987 they changed lines to Ron's Org and to training with Capt. Bill Robertson. Hugh did the bridge up to OT 48. He was a dedicated Auditor and C/S and Scientologist. He and his wife had a number of missions and Field Auditors in Brazil.

Added nov. 2014 by Antony_Phillips. Hugh was English/British.