Harold Simms

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Harold Simms
Deceased Yes
Nationality American
Occupation S.O. Supervisor at AOLA of the OT III course.
Org. Affiliation(s) Advanced Organization of Los Angeles,
Posts Advanced Course Sup,
Spouse(s) Nicole
Case Level OT III

Harold was the OT-III sup at AOLA for many years. I had the pleasure of having him as my Sup when I did OT-III in 1990. Many are the "Harold" stories from the many people that passed through his course room. Many are very funny. Harold was a colorful character. Some stories can only be understood in the context of OT III. One such story is mine. I was auditing on III and the p/c got tired and it went unspoken by the p/c and unnoticed by the auditor. Then an auditing error occurred and the tired auditor pulled out the correction list to fix it. The auditor dutifully went through the correction list noting reads carefully as they occurred and was nearly complete when he realized that the method of handling items was to fix them as they occurred instead of assessing the entire list. A great wave of "Oh No!" overcame the auditor at his realization of his error. The error being he assessed nearly the entire list instead of correcting items as they were found. What this meant was that now there were a great many other "Errors" compiled atop one another. A major auditing screw up. Having NO idea how to fix this the auditor ended session, wrote it all up and even wrote his own cram. Two pages of cram and turned it in expecting to be shot for this mistake. Grabbing his OT III materials pack headed into the theory room to do the cram worried about what this major screw up would result in. Harold saw me and the nervous hang-dogged composure and came over and asked, "What happened?" I told him what I had done. I expected to get some grief or a disapproving expression. Instead Harold looked me over and then burst out laughing saying, "You lit yourself up like a Christmas tree did you?" I nodded not seeing the humor. Harold then said, "Don't worry about it, I've seen a lot of different people come through here, you'll be fine." And I felt better hearing him say that. I was still nervous about the comm coming back from the C/S. I expected something like " DON"T LET THIS PERSON NEAR A METER EVER AGAIN". What I got instead was a nice note and a few additions to my cram. Whew, what a relief.