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Pat Krenik[edit | edit source]

That's a great picture. Taken in Phoenix. I knew or met most of those people at one time or another, but most names escape me. That is Joe Wallace with the dark hair standing on the left in front of the window. Joe helped bring back the emeter in 1957 along with John Galusha.

I have forgotten the name of the blond next to LRH. She lived in San Antonio. Behind LRH with her arm in her lap is Julie Lewis. She is the one who did the original APA and also started the LA Org in 1958 with her then husband Ken Salmon. Headed left is Sylvia Hare and the little guy next to her is George Seider. George is still alive in Chicago area, but I think he is not a freezoner.

If anyone is interested I could see about getting more of the names.

Patricia Krenik

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