Frank Davis

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Frank Davis
ClassVIII logo.jpg
Training Level Class IX
Case Level Original OT-7 - New OT-7
Case Supervision Class VIII
Country US
State Indiana
City Kokomo
Geo 40° 29' 8.26" N, 86° 8' 57.21" W

Frank Davis Is a Class VIII and Class IX ACS auditor.

"My wife Elaine (a NED Auditor and Word Clearer, and presently on OT5 Audited NOTS ) and I are in the country, our auditing center is located on the edge of our organic fruit farm. Miles from any city. Closest city would be Kokomo, Indiana. Motels, restaurants, shopping are nearby.

We have preferred country life over big city life, though we have spent years of time in Toronto, Canada when I was staff there, and at St Louis when we were both staff at that org, and also when doing auditing and training at Saint Hill UK, ASHO, AOLA and public at the Denver, Colorado Org" as well as other orgs or Missions. I have been a Scientologist since 1969, and my wife since 1971.

Frank and Elaine (center) with students

Besides offering services in the field since 1986, We just got the second beta draft done of the Class7 Power Internship Pack and the first beta of the Solo Case Supervisor Course for the Original OT levels..." The tech must not be lost. It must be used. There is much more of the needed tech that is no longer available in the RTC COS, and also not in the Independent/Free Zone areas. This despite the fact that we have many who have left the church who have that training and experience. Many reasons (none I have heard were valid reasons from my point of view) those people have not stepped up and made the missing tech available. Not sure I would agree with any reasons they offer for not doing so, if they did such. I hope elitism is not one of them. So we by-pass them and work with those who TRULY want the full game of Scientology. Luckily there are also many of you who are helping to make this a small problem of the past!

We spend a fair amount of time researching to recover lost or hidden LRH tech. Our schedule is usually very full. We stay very busy, but will accept some new students or PCs who meet the pre-requisites for the following:

OT6 Solo NOTS Courses,
Class6 SHSBC grads who wish to Intern on the Class VII Power Processing Internship,
NED Auditors (Class V) who wish to do the Class 5 Grad and/or CS Courses,
NED or HSDC Auditors who wish to do the Expanded Dianetics Course,
and those who want Audited NOTS, Power, Expanded Dianetics, False Purpose Rundown or need some Review Auditing. Those who meet requirements and want to do the False Purpose Rundown Course and the Case Supervisor Course for it, and
Pro Metering Courses,
Pro TRs (Hard TRs) Courses.
This works best if you have someone you wish to twin with on these.R6 EW, Clearing Course, OT1 through OT3 Courses and CSing.
We do not, due to length of time, offer at this time the Primary Rundown or Student Hat Courses, but will attempt to help you find a place you can do these. Scheduling is tight and we do expect someone to keep any appointments made. 'For others please inquire.'All of what we offer we have been trained on, and have recently, at our own desire to be current and effective, re-trained or retreaded on. We want you to be well cared for.