Eileen Russell-Able

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Eileen Russell-Able
Deceased Yes

Added nov. 2014 by Antony_Phillips. Please correct and supplement - my knowledge limited.

Eileen, original Eileen Russel, frequented London HASI in the late 50's.

She was determined to come on the 1st. Saint Hill ACC. But she was ineligible because she was not HPA (trained auditor) and you needed to have training before you came on an ACC. The ACC was held at Saint Hill East Grinstead, but the students met daily in London and came down by bus. When we arrived to get on the bus for the first course day, Eileen sat at the very back of the bus, and attempts made to get her off it did not succeed, so she was taken down to Saint Hill, and went on the course.

That however was not the end of the story for she was hard of hearing and sat in the front row at lectures. For some reason part way through the course it was decided that we should sit in alphabetical order of surname so Eileen Russell could not sit in the front row. However when we came the following Monday she had taken on the surname of Able.