Eileen Clark

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Eileen Clark
Deceased Yes
Died on April 8, 2013

She was a loyal Sea Org member and never lost her integrity even though she was sorely troubled when she was offloaded from the Sea Org after 30 years of service. She left the SO in a wheelchair and wearing a pacemaker for her heart condition, but she learned to survive and made new friends during the following years. She never lost her sense of humor and even recovered her beingness as a first dynamic individual after years of being a staff member when all personal goals were discouraged. She was proud of the people she helped as a Sea Org member, of her loyalty to LRH, and was proud that she was able to design and implement the first on-policy �State of the Art� Central Files at Flag.

David St Lawrence posted this info on Facebook.

Eileen Clark is under hospice care in a hospital in Gardnerville,NV. She is preparing to go at any time. Lisa Holt Hamilton and some of Eileen's other friends are with her full time. I have been giving her assists for some time and we talk several times a day.

Lisa has posted this information on her Facebook site so that Eileen's friends can send her farewell messages. She knew and loved many people, but there were some she was not able to contact. Among the people Eileen would like to know about her circumstances are Steve Kemper, Inci Paulson, Steve Olson, Erica Udvardi, Darleen Castle, Joe and Annette Hochman and Debbie Cook Baumgartner. If any of you have comm lines to these people, then please pass this on.

Lisa and I are forwarding all messages to Eileen and she feels blessed to have known all of you. She is not able to handle many phone calls, but if you send me a private email, I will arrange it so you can reach her when she is awake.

She has been given the program that assists one to handle the transition from this existence to the next. I have posted it on workable technology.com for anyone who needs to help someone else in this situation. It is very workable, common sense advice and should be part of any preparations made at the end of life.

Eileen spent more than 30 years in the Sea Org and is proudest of the fact that she was able to help people who experienced injustices from the church.

update 4/8/2013[edit | edit source]

"Eileen passed away this morning in a care center in Gardnerville, Nevada. A nurse stayed with her all night and reported that Eileen spent a peaceful night and took leave of her body about 8:30 am this morning.

Eileen had decided that she wanted to move on some time ago and has been under hospice care for many weeks. She was really grateful for the calls and messages she received even though she was not able to respond as she grew weaker.

Special thanks to Debbie and Peter Frigo who took Eileen into their home and cared for her when she had a debilitating heart attack in 2011. She lived with them for many months until she felt she was ready to move out on her own again. They remained close friends and when Eileen went into the hospital for the last time, they were frequent visitors and kept her company during the final days along with Lisa Hamilton.

I had the honor of auditing Eileen and she sent me some photos of her Sea Org days and asked me to write this to thank all of you for your love and friendship."

David St Lawrence