David Ziff

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David Ziff
Deceased Yes
Org. Affiliation(s) Saint Hill
Posts Snr C/S FLB and Universe Corps

Saint Hill (pre-KSW), Snr C/S FLB and Universe Corps.

Added nov. 2014 by Antony_Phillips. David Ziff was on staff at Saint Hill (or World Wide, which was also located at Saint Hill Manor) in 1967. On the first of January 1968 an LRH Executive Directive was issued by L. Ron Hubbard, appointing David Ziff Director of Publications of a new Department of Publications World Wide (which soon became an independent Scientology organisation). He was to form a Department of Publications which had a monopoly on producing all Scientology book, tapes, meters and insignia (including clear bracelets uniforms, badges). In this Executive Directive (LRH ED) he was given carte blanche to take any staff member out of the existing Saint Hill and World Wide Organisation. There was no provision for the MEST of the individual posts. I was Mimeo Saint Hill, with one staff member, ten large metal boxes with stencils, a number of metal cabinets with mimeo (stenciled on paper) issues. I decided that all that MEST would come with me to the new Publications Department, leaving my assistant, Saed Mirza, in Saint Hill with no stencils (of all Policy Letters and Bulletins), no machinery and no space. I guess there was similar chaos elsewhere. I understood that David was son of some one in a famous USA publishing house with the name of Ziff.