Clayton Greene

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Clayton Greene
Deceased Yes
Died on November 30, 2011
Org. Affiliation(s) Flag
Posts Qual Sec
Case Level OT V

In a very brief summary, this was his life. Clay got into Scientology in Florida around 1972, even then he found inconsistencies and had asked for a refund and was "banished". Having recanted, he moved to San Diego where he continued his studies and was on staff at the San Diego Org briefly, until he discovered that staff pay would not support him and his wife. Moving to Los Angeles, he found work and continued "on the bridge" at AOLA where he did the OT levels. Around 1999, he was on staff and posted as Qual Sec at Flag. During the McPherson tragedy, he and his wife left Flag and moved to Germany where his daughter was born.� During his life in Germany, Clay was an established artist with a website, clientele, students. Clay passed away in Florida.