Captain Scott Mayer

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Captain Scott Mayer
Birth info July 25, 1943
Deceased Yes
Died on October 6, 2005

Scott Mayer was born July 25, 1943, in Chicago, Illinois to Lillian Hickstein Mayer and Harry Mayer. He spent most of his childhood in Wisconsin, attending high school in Kaukauna, Wisconsin. He served in the U.S Navy during the Vietnam war. In the late 60's he joined Scientology and rose to the brevet rank of Captain in the Sea Org. During 1973 and 1974 he was Fleet Captain over the three Sea Org ships that made up the U.S. Pacific flotilla. He left Scientology in 1976 and passed away October 6, 2005. He is survived by his mother, his daughter Jenifer, grandson Zendl, and sisters Melodi, Amy, Kim and Barbie.

Quotes from Captain Mayer;

  • When I was a Scientology fleet captain in 1973 and 1974, we had only two ships and another small boat in the U.S. Pacific Flotilla, but we were getting ready to have additional ships in Mexico and San Francisco and part of my assignment was to put a fleet together and to coordinate activities in training programs, staff analysis and establishment of the flotilla[1].
  • I just put together a credit collection team and then started hitting the movie studios and others connected with the record companies to rent out use of the U.S. ships. At this time I was captain of the Excalibur which was an old navy ship. I had it rented out to a few movie studios and had money coming in. Indeed, we were making so much money that Scientology could not prove the ship was not financially viable because we were getting all this collection money[1].
  • Compared to my Flagship, the Excalibur, it was a veritable garbage scow when I arrived at Flag to assist then Director of Maritime Operations, Commander Robert F. Young, in getting the Apollo cleaned up, ship-shape (and unknown to me, ready for sale on arrival in the U.S.)[2].

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