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The Bolivar
The Bolivar
Length 173' 8"
Beam 23'
Displacement 280 tons
Draft 10' 10"
Top Speed 20.2 knots

The Bolivar was an ex steel hulled anti-submarine warfare ship. She slept 48 crew. Originally known as the Grinnel as mentioned in OOD (Orders of the Day) of February 24, 1970. She was renamed the Bolivar in the OOD of June 22, 1970. The Bolivar was a Sea Org training vessel and stationship for the Pacific area during 1970. During the summer of 1973 she was tied up next to the Excalibur. During the winter of 1974, the Bolivar was again tied up next to the Excalibur in San Pedro. The Bolivar had been sold and the new owner had hired the Excalibur's engine room personnel to do repairs before its new usage.

For a history of it's wartime service click here.

The Bolivar had twin turbo V16 direct reversing Detroit diesels. She could (supposedly) go from 26 knots ahead to 26 knots reverse in 100 yards. The ship was narrow by ship building standards, perfect for her job as a U.S. Navy sub chaser.

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The majority of this definition was taken from - "Hubbard, L. Ron. Modern Management Technology Defined. Church of Scientology of California, Publications Organization United States. 1976"

Other information was provided by an engineer who served on her during her Sea Org days.

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