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Bob Ross
Deceased Yes

small bit of data[edit | edit source]

  • Bob Ross came into Dianetics very early. He was of Jewish descent and very early in the 50's he introduced Dianetics to Israel.

I came into contact with him in about 1991, when he became the American distributor for the Free Scientology magazine which I ran, International Viewpoints. At that time it took eight weeks to send the magazine from Denmark to USA, and he did a prodigious job receiving by airmail a master copy and supervising a local copy shop in reproducing the required number of copies. At that time he was based in Riverside, California. When Internet came along he was active on the Free Scientology lines especially contributing to on Scientology tech matters. He wrote at least one book: Making Affirmations and Prayers Work .

He was somewhat fearful of the Church of Scientology, and an incident occurred which rather spoiled our relationship. I came to write to a few people something somewhat critical of him. He was convinced that I had sent it out on open lines and that the "Church" could damage him because of it, and he refused to send the copies of the magazine to subscribers until I had publicly retracted what he claimed I had written. Such was the fear of the "Church" in parts of the USA at that time.
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