Arthur Krowitz

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Arthur Krowitz
Kisa pic.jpeg
Birthdate 09/30/1952
Birth info Born in Brooklyn, New York
Nationality United States
Occupation Computer Programmer
Org. Affiliation(s) Advanced Organization of Los Angeles
Posts Director of Validity
Case Level on Solo NOTs
Training Level HDC, BC Level 1

Quick Time Line: - Started Scn at Vancouver Mission in 1968 - Quickie Grades but had a huge win anyway on Grade 2 with Betty Lunde - Went up through OT4 at AOLA by mid-1969 - Joined AOLA non-SO staff Feb 1971. Completed 5-yr contract Mar 1976. - SHSBC at ASHO, 1977 - 1978, thru Level 1. - Got on Flag lines 1979 for NOTs. - Started SNOTs in April 1982. Never attested. Still Soloing A LOT! - Declared Nov 2014. Didn't find out until Dec 2017. - Contributed to S.A. blog "Getting Back In Comm" when it was active. - Listen to LRH lectures regularly, especially from 1952 to 1954.