Anna Hill

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Anna Hill
Anna Hill.jpg
Birthdate 03/26
Deceased Yes

Anna Hill née Kaminska

Born 26th March 1950 in North Wales to Polish parents, and died aged 47 after a short illness on the 9th October 1997 at Guys Hospital, London. She was the second of two children, her brother was named Richard.

Anna followed Richard into Scientology and joined him on staff at London Org in 1971, where she became Treas Sec. She married fellow staff member Joe Hill and they had one child, Stuart. After leaving staff, Anna and Joe continued on the bridge as public members and moved to East Grinstead. They divorced in the 80's, Joe took a refund and left the CoS. Anna remained a loyal member and worked on the restoration of St Hill Castle as an interior designer for several years. Anna attended AOSHUK and Flag for Scientology services, and was mid OTV when she died.

Her service at the Chapel, St Hill was attended by family and the many friends she had gained in the Scientology community.