An Investment for the Future - Michael Moore

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An Investment for the Future - Michael Moore
Topic An Investment for the Future
Author Michael Moore
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Investment means to put something of value into something else with a view to getting back more than one originally put in.

This can mean to invest money in stocks, shares, a company or even property of some sort. It can be to put something of value such as one’s experience or time into a venture with the hope of getting a better return. Investing in ones children’s future by sending them to a good school is an example. Yes, it can mean investing in the future by means of savings, putting money into things as given above. It can also mean enhancing ones own abilities, knowledge and spiritual awareness. This is the sort of investment we are interested in here.

How DO you invest in the future?

In this sense, as per the definition above you put into yourself that which will give a better return for your future. Which future are we talking about? Your physical well being? Not exactly. Are we talking about your future as regards physical wealth? Not that either as it happens. We are talking about something that will last somewhat longer than your physical body or your physical possessions.

And that something is YOU.

I believe it is well understood in scientology circles that an individual is immortal. We will continue to live regardless. The future goes on. We will continue to be. But it is the quality of life or beingness that we are looking at here.

What sort of life do we want for the future? How WELL do we want to live in the future? Do we want to live in a solid miserable down toned existence or do we wish to have a light carefree up toned future? What we do here and now determines our future. Making sure that one gets the best possible auditor to audit one up the bridge, weather it is an auditor on the grades or Dianetics, or training up to be the best solo auditor you can be.

Imagine. You get on a plane to fly off somewhere and the pilot states, just before take off that, "The best pilot is unavailable today and he", confessing to be a somewhat mediocre pilot, "would be flying the plane". Can you imagine the mad scrabble for the door? Who wants a mediocre pilot? You want the best pilot available to fly that plane right!

In the supermarket, do you pick the oldest most tired looking fruit? Or do you look for the freshest available?

For an investment into your future beingness, which auditor would be preferable?

An auditor who cannot audit? A mediocre auditor? An auditor who does not follow standard technology but wanders all over the place and audits what he 'thinks' is right for the preclear? The best auditor available?

And what about the C/S? LRH States that there should be a C/S. In fact he wrote a WHOLE series on C/Sing, that’s how important LRH thought it was. So what quality of C/S would be preferable? No C/S A Mediocre C/S Or the best, most knowledgeable, experienced C/S available?

Despite the fact that the answers are fairly obvious it seems this can be sometimes overlooked. In a mad rush to get up the bridge an 'anything is better than nothing' attitude can be adopted. The phase, "Any auditing is better than no auditing" does not mean not having to apply the tech. It is not an excuse for squirrel or alterised tech. It is not really applicable where there is a choice of auditors. It is not a way of 'saving' money or time. At best it is a stop gap. At worse, it is used as an excuse instead of a tool. It robs an individual of the best investment into their future.

So the question is, how much are you prepared to invest in your future? How much are you prepared to spend in terms of time and effort to ensure that your future is assured. What sort of pilot do you want flying YOUR plane?

The person that goes out of their way, moving heaven and earth, staying focused on their goal and using some intention and confront and demanding only the best for the investment into their future will get exactly what they put there. A bright, rewarding and up toned future. And that is by insisting only upon standard tech as researched and developed by Lafayette Ron Hubbard. Ensuring that the auditor and C/S are the best possible so that one’s future is assured.

And that, after all, is what we all desire, yes?