Rons Org Convention 2014 - Moscow

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Rons Org Convention 2014 - Moscow
Date 2014/04/26
Country RU
City Moscow
RO convention.gif

Dear friends

In the attachment you find the registration form for the Convention 2014 in Moscow.

The guest speakers will be:

Mark Shreffler, Erica Hauri, Otfried Krumpholz, Max Hauri.

You are recommended to pay in cash if you participate. Please register with Natalia Sharnova until 31. March.

I'm looking forward to see you!

Much love Max

Ron's Org Grenchen - We love to train you!

Max Hauri

Mazzinistrasse 7

CH-2540 Grenchen

Convention would take place in one of hotel near Moscow.

The convention will start with the morning on Saturday (10:00 Moscow time).

End of convention is Sunday 14:00

We recommend you to arrive to hotel during Friday (optimal time 17:00 Moscow time).

Full cost for the convention, including 2 nights, food, coffee-breaks, etc. (Friday till Sunday)