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This site will never share or disclose your email address or any other information about you without express written request by all parties involved.

Scientolipedia, as a Wiki, is open to many people to contribute to, edit and create pages. This is a great benefit of the Wiki but opens the door to abuse of the privilege. You should not edit pages you did not create unless you are certain your edit is an improvement, conforms to common etiquette, and is in lineThe military type of organization form whereby there is a definite ascending and descending chain of command. Orders pass from top management down the line of command and compliances and data pass on up without by-passing the chain of command. (Modern Management Defined (c) L. Ron Hubbard, 1976) with the original intent of the author of the page.

ALL page edits are reverse-able and can be undone so trying to cause trouble here will only get you and your IP address banned for periods ranging from days to infinite.

If unsure, postA position from which a terminal operates in an org, where one knows that somebody is at. (FO 2200) your question on my User Talk (discussion) page by clicking on it here.

See our general editing and posting policy here