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Mark Shreffler
Nationality USUnited States. (Modern Management Technology Defined (C) 1976).
Case Level New OTOperating Thetan - 7. this state of being is attained by drills and familiarity after the state of Clear has been obtained. A real OT has no reactive bank, is cause over matter, energy, space, time and thought and is completely free. (HCOB 12 Jul 65)...More-5

I just got a request for a brief bullet-point bio, so here it is!

Special Note:

Basic Scientology

After graduating from University with a BUS I went to India and lived in a remote village for a couple of years, which was a pretty radical shift from the track I had been on. After 5 years in Military school I was on track for a military career, but an incident one weekend changed my mind3. a network of communications and pictures, energies and masses, which are brought into being by the activities of the thetan versus the physical universe or other thetans. The mind is a communication and control system between the thetan and his environment. (FOT, p. 56)...MORE completely! So there I was, soon after, in an Indian village in Rajasthan.

After that incredible experience I lived in Paris for awhile. On a visit to family in New Mexico I came upon the Dianetics1. DIA (Greek) through, NOUS (Greek) mind, deals with a system of mental image pictures in relation to psychic (spiritual) trauma. The mental image pictures are believed on the basis of personal revelation to be comprising mental activity created and formed by the spirit, and not by the body or brain. (BPL 24 Sept 73 V) 2. Dn addresses the body. Thus Dn is used to knock out and erase illnesses, unwanted sensations, misemotion, somatics, pain, etc. Dn came before Scn. It disposed of body illness and the difficulties a thetan was having with his body. (HCOB 22 Apr 69)...more book and read the first 40 pages. Those pages tied together so many experiences I had recently had in India and made sense out of so many things that I was completely smitten with this book. I started delivering book 1 around the campus in Albuquerque until someone told me, “You need to stay away from those guys. All they want is your money!” What GUYS? He said there was a center up on Menaul Street and I said thank you and went there immediately.

Longer story short, I did the commSlang, short for - communication course and then was compelled to return to Paris so asked where there was an English-speaking center in or near Paris.

Longer story short, I was on staff in London before my jet lag had worn out. I spent the next twelve years on staff in different parts of the world, and since then have been working all over the planet introducing people, primarily executives of a wide variety, to the genius of this miraculous technologyThe methods of application of an art or science as opposed to mere knowledge of the science or art itself. (HCOB 13 Sep 65) ''Abbr.'' tech.

Those are my bullet points!



video's (tone scale5. a scale which plots the descending spiral of life from full vitality and consciousness through half-vitality and half-consciousness down to death. (SA, p . 3 7 )...More)