Timeline of Scientology Materials

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Timeline of Scientology Materials
Topic Scientology Materials
Author L Ron Hubbard
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Scientology and Dianetics1. DIA (Greek) through, NOUS (Greek) mind, deals with a system of mental image pictures in relation to psychic (spiritual) trauma. The mental image pictures are believed on the basis of personal revelation to be comprising mental activity created and formed by the spirit, and not by the body or brain. (BPL 24 Sept 73 V) 2. Dn addresses the body. Thus Dn is used to knock out and erase illnesses, unwanted sensations, misemotion, somatics, pain, etc. Dn came before Scn. It disposed of body illness and the difficulties a thetan was having with his body. (HCOB 22 Apr 69)...more books, lectures and videos list by L Ron Hubbard. Available in chronological spreadsheet format for the first time! (click image for download)

Spreadsheet format listing the chronological publication of the books, lectures and videos of Scientology.
Note: Eugene Kol did the hard work of converting the PDF file into spreadsheet format. When you get a chance, say thanks!

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