The Field Advantage

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The Field Advantage
Topic Field Action
Author David LaCroix
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the field

Public Scientologists who are not aligned with or participating in, the Corporate "Church" is what we are referring to as "The Field". Field auditors1. anyone who is active in the field, professionally, is classified as “field auditor.” (HCOB 26 Oct 56) 2. a field auditor professionally processes preclears up to his classification but not power processes or above. He can run study courses. (HCO PL 21 Oct 66 II), Groups and individuals are included in this as are Associations like Ron's Org, Scientology Muster, The Association of Professional Independent Scientologists Inc and other FreeZone alliances and Associations worldwide.


field advantage

Since "Corporate Scientology" discourages and penalizes their members from looking at the Internet for information about Scientology, and is even more fanatical about squashing anyone from posting or writing anything about the subject, we have a huge advantage over them.

We are not restrained in any way from reading and writing our thoughts and experiences with the subject. That's a huge advantage that has not really been exploited, at least when it comes to telling the very positive story. The positive story, is in fact the much bigger story to tell and has largely gone untold.

What little positive information one can glean from the virtual tide of negative and confused reports, is hard to come by and very much delegated to a minor footnote if at all. Usually those ascribing to positive experiences with the subject, are themselves subject to scorn, ridicule or dismissal as being delusional and not worthy of serious consideration.

So the 'Field' needs to find a way to use its advantage and fill the vacuum of positive information about the subject and its adherents.


This "Advantage" the Independent Scientologists have is untapped and diluted.

Most of the attention of the 'Field" has been directed toward the "entheta1. means enturbulated theta (thought or life); especially refers to communications, which, based on lies and confusions, are slanderous, choppy or destructive in an attempt to overwhelm or suppress a person or group. (Scn AD) 2. theta which has been confused and chaotically mixed with the material universe and which will lie in this confusion until death or some other process disenturbulates it. Theta, below 2.0 on the tone scale, we call entheta. (SOS, p. 41) 3. anger, sarcasm, despair, slyly destructive suggestions. (HTLTAE, p. 88)" (unpleasantness or chaos) of the turmoil surrounding the Corporate Church. Attention has been captured and directed to the negative.

Therefore, the "Field" has dispersed into many different venues. i.e. hundreds of Blogs and websites, most, with relatively low search rankings, so the net effect is the combined power of the thousands of "Field" Scientologists, their 'advantage', has been misdirected and diluted.

real story

The real story of Scientology is quite remarkable and exciting. It's a simple story really because it's a story of hope and redemption. An 'everyman' story of the ability to find information to help oneself, improve ones life and that of others. It's that simple.

It's been made complicated and confusing unnecessarily. If one were able to look beyond the controversy and see the simplicity, one could then start to benefit from the simple and humble knowledge waiting for anyone to utilize as they choose.



I alluded above to the fact many 'Field' Scientologists have created websites, most of which have modest rankings. That is not meant as an insult to, nor condemnation of, their efforts. Those sites reflect a great deal of time and effort to provide some truth about the subject and contain a wealth of information in their own right. Again, it's the dispersal of all that information across many separate points so to make it difficult to find truth on the subject. The overall impact is diminished from what it could be.

It's not easy getting high rankings for a website. You don't just put up a site and it magically attracts thousands of visitors. Today, raising the rankings of sites is a very sophisticated and complicated subset of Internet Marketing where professionals labor to raise the rankings for their clients. High rankings equals high traffic and revenue.

We're not interested in high rankings for the sake of revenue like a shoe manufacturer is. We need high rankings so the above, bigger story about the subject of Scientology and LRHL. Ron Hubbard, can find a voice and prominence amongst the chaotic noise currently dominating the Search Engine Real Estate.


This website, ScientoliPedia.orgShort for organization. (HCO PL 8 Sept 69), has been designed to address all these issues. It's built upon the best platform in the world for community involvement and high Search Rankings. By inviting contribution and content creation from a great many sources, this site will earn high marks from the Search companies and thereby gain prominence in the "Scientology" and "Self-Help" space.

For the first time, we as "Field Scientologists" have an avenue to 'flex our muscle' and optimize the very real advantage we have. To tell the Real Story of Scientology as we see it.

Let me know your thoughts by using the Discussion tab above (log-in required) or the Comments section below.

David LaCroix

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