LA Prof Auditors Assoc

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LA Prof Auditors Assoc
Auditors Day Celebration
Date 2013/09/14
Time 16:00
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Country USUnited States. (Modern Management Technology Defined (C) 1976).
State CA
City Los Angeles
Phone (213) 924-7080
Auditor’s Day 2013

4pm Sat. 9/14/13!

The LA Prof. Auditor's Association brings you a day of stimulating interchange & 3D FUN!

  • A VAST POTLUCK DINNER of tasty food & drinks to share with all!
  • CONNECT UP with old & dear friends, or MAKE some new ones to revive old postulates2. a postulate is, of course, that thing which is a directed desire or order, or inhibition, or enforcement, on the part of the individual in the form of an idea. (2ACC 23A, 5312CM14) 3. that self-determined thought which starts, stops or changes past, present or future efforts. (APIA, p. 33) 4. is actually a prediction. (5112CM30B)-v...MORE & dreams!

All are invited, but please RSVP to this email via or or call: (213) 924-7080 OR (951)833-8498 for info or directions needed!

1311 West 5th Street (near downtown LA)

This is being put on by volunteers, so please help out by bringing something to share! (or a $5 donation will be appreciated to cover costs!)